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A Clear Look at 5G
- and a Human Path Forward

The topic of 5G technology is of great importance to the future of our human species and to the well-being of our planet.
Much is happening and the implications are many and diverse.
I hope you will take the time to explore and understand this issue and get involved if you feel moved to do so.
Please see the summary links at the bottom of this page for some informative websites and videos.
I’ll be posting a growing list of positive actions here as well… ~ AB 

Dr Martin Pall spoke on 5G
in Bellingham, WA at the Majestic on Thursday, July 11th
We will post a video link when it’s ready…
* Event Flyer
** Event Fact Sheet Flyer

Parts 1 and 2: Why Are We Talking About This? and A Brief Overview

Part 3: Health, Safety, and the FCC

Part 4: Environmental Issues (coming soon)

Part 5: Political Issues (coming soon)

Part 6: Regarding the Military (coming soon)

Part 7: Positive Solutions for a Brighter Future (coming soon)

Part 8: Get Involved, Take Action -
This is by no means a comprehensive list, rather they are few suggestions on how to get started.
Please email me with any other ideas to include in this list. All hands on deck :)

1) Join Americans for Responsible Technology. Their goal is to stop 5G until it is proven safe. They are an excellent resource for ongoing updates and actions that you can participate in.

2) Contact your representatives. This is among the most important things you can do. For Washington state:

Senator Cantwell
Washington DC
Tel: 202-224-3441 / web: www.cantwell.senate.gov

Senator Murray
Washington, DC
Tel: 202-224-2621 / web: www.murray.senate.gov

Governor Inslee
Olympia, Wa
Tel: 360-902-4111 / web: www.governor.wa.gov

3) Contact your local city representatives; attend city council meetings. Make your voice heard.
For Bellingham residents, there is a petition you can sign here: Stop 5G Bellingham

4) Continue to educate yourself on this topic and discuss with friends and family.
* See other parts of this page, in particular Part 9 below.
* An excellent overview article on 5G can be found in the June issue of Whatcom Watch:
What is 5G and Why You Should Care, by Leslie Shankman
* Watch the documentary 5G Beware by Bellingham locals Jen and Thomas Durant

Part 9: Quick Reference List


*Sharon Goldberg, MD, testimony at Michigan House Energy Policy Committee

Dr Kevin Mottus – Excellent overview

*5 G Action Event in Perth, Australia – Dr Cooper

* Testimony on 5G Peel Regional Council, Canada

* Senator Patrick Colbeck Testifies against 5G

*DrMartinPall’s Lecture

*Michigan House of Representatives. Senator Patrick Colbeck speaks out against 5G

*Barrie Trower on history of wireless technology and 5G

*Dangers of Microwave Technology with Barrie Trower– includes discussion about effects on animals, insects, viruses and bacteria


*International Appeal – Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

*Scientists 5G Appeal Document

*2012 Bio-initiative Report

*Physicians for Safe Technology

*International 5G Appeal

*EMF Scientist

*Dr Martin Pall’s Book – available online

*Center for ElectroSmog Prevention

* 5G: Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against the FCC