Client Resources Page

Here you'll find a variety of materials to support our work together and to further assist in healing and self-cultivation. It is a work in progress so you may wish to check back periodically to see what has been added... 


office Paperwork and Handouts

Basic forms that you can print and complete prior to our first visit if you wish.
Also, handouts on various topics that you may find helpful. 

1. * General Intake Form
2. * Injury Questionnaire Form
3. * Insurance Intake Form


Recommended books, services, and products

* The MELT Method - An innovative and wonderful system of self care
* Theta Healing - Mary Schael
* Acupuncture and Herbs - Jill Likkel - Bellingham, Wa
* Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Energy Work - Dennis Littleton, ND LAc - Bellingham, Wa
* Jin Shin Energy Therapy - Pam Fry, RN - 360.378.5864 (Friday Harbor) 
* Chiropractic - Dr Dan Terry - Bellingham, Wa

* Miracle Botanicals - a good resource for essential oils
* Plant Therapy - another good source for essential oils
* Jenna Anderson - essential oils expert / DoTerra oils rep.


Supportive Therapy Links

Spinal Health / Pain Relief
* Five Stretches to Ease and Help Correct Low Back Pain
* Sitting to Correct Low Back Pain - article and audio clip
* The MELT Method Youtube Page - very informative

Earthing / Grounding
* The Grounded - Documentary on Earthing
* Dr Laura Koniver - great youtube channel on natural healing and earthing

* Contrast Hydrotherapy Foot Bath for the Immune System, Peripheral Neuropathy, and more