A Clear Look at 5G…
And a Human Path Forward

Affirming Life and the Wise Use of Technology

The topic of 5G technology and wireless radiation is of great importance to humanity and all life on our planet. I hope you will take the time to understand this issue and get involved if you feel moved to do so. Below you will find a listing of documentaries, testimonials, and websites explaining various aspects of 5G, electromagnetic radiation, “the internet of things”, and the related topics of artificial intelligence, and “trans-humanism”.

I will be posting summary pieces on a number of topics, fully referenced so the reader can go deeper if they wish to. We will also dig deeply into life affirming responses, helpful strategies, and alternative technologies.

As we’ll see, the implications of 5G and related issues are broad and dramatic. This topic has everything to do with how we see ourselves as human beings and how we will choose to evolve both individually and as a people. I hope this information proves helpful and I invite your suggestions and insights. - AB

Upcoming Events

5G Beware - Documentary and Panel Discussion
Join us in Bellingham for a community showing of the documentary: 5G Beware.
Afterwards, we will have a discussion including audience Q/A with a panel of local experts.
Saturday, October 19th
7pm - 9pm
1027 North Forest Street, the Majestic Ballroom
This is a free event, donations are requested to cover expenses.
Event Flyer for more information


I. Begin Here:
5G Fact Sheet and 5G Info Sheet (from
* Scroll down for three important videos *
Peer Reviewed Scientific Research on Wireless Radiation *New
Leslie Shankman’s excellent article: 5G is Coming to Bellingham

II. Additional Video Presentations *Updated
Documentaries, interviews, testimonials on 5G and related topics

III. Website Resources
Organizations and resource websites on 5G and related topics

IV. Summary Pages on 5G with Documentation
Part 1: 5G - Peril or Promise? * Updated
Part 2: Health, Safety, and the FCC
Part 3: Health, Safety, and the Independent Research * New
Special Note on an Industry Funded Study Proving EMR Health Impacts * New
Part 4: Environmental Issues (coming soon)
Part 5: About the Military (coming soon)
Part 6: Political Issues - What is Freedom (coming soon)
Part 7: A Human Path Forward (coming soon)

V. Get Involved - Take Action
Positive Actions You Can Take Today!
Global Pushback Against 5G - Massive Actions Being Taken
Product Page - A list of resources related to EMF safety

VI. 5G In the News
A look at the growing conversation on 5G and related topics (updated often)