what is hypnotherapy?

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is an approach to working with the innate goodness and intelligence of our true nature. We begin with this in mind and utilize the flexibility and versatility of our consciousness to create beneficial change in our lives. We keep what is genuinely helpful to us and gently release or transform that which is not. 

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy acknowledges that the problems we experience are often rooted in unhelpful "trance states". These trance states, or beliefs about who and what we are, can make it difficult to access new and healthy solutions to life's every changing circumstances. Beliefs and assumptions about the nature of our lives often arise from early trauma, conditioning from our families, schools, and cultures, and other more subtle sources. 

During sessions, we may experience deep states of relaxation and spacious awareness, which of themselves can be healing and beneficial. As we become more familiar with these states, we often gain access to powerful inner resources, the ability to release limiting beliefs, and the arising of helpful insights. The experience of transpersonal hypnotherapy is different for everyone and each time we engage ourselves at this level is new and reflective of what we are most needing in the moment. At the conclusion of a typical session, we will often have effective tools for personal growth that can be used and cultivated on our own well into the future. 


How can Hypnotherapy help me? 

Hypnotherapy can be successfully applied for many purposes: 

  1. To help resolve life issues related to early trauma and phobias.  
  2. To assist in various healing processes such as acute injuries, chronic pain, pre- and post surgery, etc.
  3. To help access deeper inner resources, wisdom, and a deeper sense of one's authentic self.
  4. To facilitate the creative process and achievement of personal goals.