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T-Mobile study proves biological harm from emf

Big Telecom is well aware of wireless radiation's harmful effects.

While listening to an interview with Barrie Trower, I learned of a study commissioned by T Mobile and Deutsche Telecom MobilNet. This was done in 2000 in Germany and is called the 2000 Ecolog Report. This report quite clearly lays out the harmful effects of cell phone radiation. After its release, its results were promptly buried and links to the study on many pages have been removed. I did find a copy, however, at www.ehtrust.org (brilliant site) Here are quotes from the study followed by a link. I find this all to be highly significant due to the findings about "pulsed" radiation and the obvious conclusion that 5G would just amplify our exposure to toxic effects. From the study:
* “Given the results of the present epidemiological studies, it can be concluded that electromagnetic fields with frequencies in the mobile telecommunications range do play a role in the development of cancer.”
* “Impairment of cognitive functions was found in animal experiments at power flux densities of 2W/m2. In humans, there are indications that brain functions are influenced by fields such as they occur when using a mobile telephone.”
* “An epidemiological study of children who had been exposed to pulsed high frequency fields, found a decrease in the capability to concentrate and an increase in reaction times.”
* “Effects of high frequency electromagnetic fields on the central nervous system are proven for intensities well below the current guidelines."

So, unless I am very mistaken, this study alone, not to mention the thousands of independent peer reviewed studies, should be enough for politicians to take notice and act on behalf of the citizenry and the natural world. This is a study from the industry itself linking cell radiation to cancer and much more...

Full study can be found here:

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