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Consciousness is perhaps the most important factor in both our ability to heal and our capacity for creating meaningful change on many levels. On this page, I will link discussions and resources to further explore this fascinating and powerful aspect of our humanity and how we may access the vastness of our consciousness for life-affirming purposes. 
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What is Consciousness?

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Methods and approaches

This section is a collection of tools for clarifying and deepening our sense of awareness and applying it to the purpose of healing and further development. There is no particular order to what is included. If its listed here, I have had some personal experience with it or have studied it sufficiently to suggest it as an avenue worth looking into. Your suggestions are always welcome. 

* Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhan Pranayama). This is a simple and effective technique for releasing stress, calming the mind, and preparing for deeper meditation practice. The linked article and short video describe it beautifully. 

* Ishaya's Ascension - Approach to Meditation. This is a very simple, direct, and effective method and the people I have met in this tradition are among the kindest, most dedicated I have encountered. 


Consciousness and healing

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