Consciousness is perhaps the most important factor in both our ability to heal and our capacity for creating meaningful change on many levels. On this page, I will link discussions and resources to further explore this fascinating and powerful aspect of our humanity and how we may access the vastness of our consciousness for life-affirming purposes. 
Stay tuned - this page is a work in progress...  


Methods and approaches

This section is a collection of tools for deepening our sense of awareness and clear perception. As many teachers have observed, the movement toward greater internal clarity of itself awakens our ability to heal and our capacity to live more fulfilling lives. 

There is no particular order to what is included. If its listed here, I have had some personal experience with it or have studied it sufficiently to suggest it as an avenue worth looking into. Your suggestions are always welcome. 

* The Six Branches of Yoga: Among the most developed approaches to clarifying consciousness and awakening deeper states of awareness is the path of Yoga. Here in the west, we are most familiar with Hatha Yoga which includes many and various physical postures and methods of body refinement. Hatha Yoga, however, was originally created to serve the larger purpose of achieving enlightened states of awareness. It was used to develop a healthy, strong physical body with which to pursue the more subtle yogic practices. This article from Yoga Journal introduces the other five branches of yoga. In the Bellingham, WA area, Yoga Northwest, The Metta CenterThree Ohms Yoga, and Inspire Studio are great places to study. 

Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhan Pranayama). This is a simple and effective stand alone technique for releasing stress, calming the mind, and preparing for deeper meditation practice. The linked article and short video describe it beautifully.

* Ishaya's Ascension - Approach to Meditation. This is a very simple, direct, and effective method for clearing and centering. The people I have met in this tradition are among the kindest, most dedicated I have had the good fortune to meet. 

* The Isha Foundation - Founded by Sadhguru, this volunteer run organization hosts numerous programs for personal development and self realization. They are also involved in impressive efforts to revitalize communities and the environment. Sadhguru offers online and live programs for what he refers to as Inner Engineering based largely on Kriya Yoga. I find his work to be deeply inspiring. (See 2 free videos below)

* Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan: Like yoga, many qigong practices were developed for the purpose of achieving more enlightened states of awareness and longevity. Dedicated practitioners of Taoism, Buddhism, and the healing arts in China began with the idea that self cultivation was possible and of supreme value to pursue. From this conviction came many approaches to working with the body's internal energy systems and subtle states of consciousness. Tai Chi is similar but different in that it is a martial art. It has, however, a unique benefit in the way in which it studies relationship and conflict. Through attention to natural principles and self expression within partner exercises,, the student has the opportunity to shed many layers of attachment and resistance in favor of deeper relaxation and connection.  

* Isha Kriya - A guided meditation from Sadhguru
* Yoga Namaskar - A guided yoga practice for spinal health from Sadhguru
* I Am That - The Dialogues of Sri Nisargaddata Maharaj. A collection of talks given by this extraordinary teacher, available in hardcopy or as a free pdf download HERE
* A few quotes on the nature of consciousness by Sri Nisargaddata Maharaj
Enlightenment - The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, translation and commentary by MSI
* Finding True Magic, Jack Elias. A wonderful exploration into transpersonal hypnotherapy, NLP, and Buddhist philosophy. I received my certification from Jack and highly recommend his work. 
* Insight Timer: A wonderful free app that has guided meditations arranged by topic and time; a customizable timer; and access to a larger community of meditators. All in all, an excellent little tool. For Android and iPhone.
* Readings on Non-duality - various teachers
* Satsang lectures with Robert Adams - This extraordinary teacher was a devotee of Sri Ramana Maharshi of the Jnana Yoga tradition. He offers many inspiring and lucid perspectives.


Consciousness and the Freedom to Choose

In this section we will explore the fundamental human right of Health Freedom. This is fast becoming of critical importance as various actors claim the right to impose medical interventions upon our society and ban other procedures which some may wish to employ. Where is the line fairly drawn here? What does fundamental freedom mean to you? And how do we envision the best and brightest future for our people? Lots to unpack here … as always, I invite your helpful thoughts and queries…
- AB

I. Human Freedom in Health and Consciousness
(Series under construction)

II. Resources
* Website of Dr Peter Breggin - This is a great resource for anyone dealing with adverse side effects from psychiatric drugs. His book Toxic Psychiatry is an excellent contribution to the discussion of mental / emotional health and well being and the problems with many psychiatric chemical approaches.
* Where Does It End? New Monarch Brain Device Approved for ADHD - This documentary features a thoughtful discussion with Dr Peter Breggin as he looks at the dangerous use of electromagnetic devices in the treatment of childhood (and adult) neurological issues. This is an excellent example of the toxic over reach of both private industry and government regulating bodies. Eye opening..